Storage of used and new BMW parts

In our regular storage you’ll find all the wearing out sensitive parts, such as brake blocks and  rubber parts in stock. More exclusive parts you will find in our webshop of in our Ebay listings.

Yearly inspections and/or extensive maintenance

We can help out for the yearly inspections to keep your E28 on the road. We also do extensive maintenance or even engine swops.

Align wheels

Do you need new control arms or staring linkage ? Aligning the wheels is a very important action to get your suspension working correctly. We know a guy who has -years and years- experience doing only this. We can adjust it exactly to your wishes.

Working pro active and preventative

We know exactly which oil is most suitable for your engine, gear-box, differtential or power stearing. For example, we change the filter at the bottom of the reservoir, something that is often forgotten. In that way, we prevent a lot of problems in the future.

 Malfunctions with your engine?

Due to our years of experience in working on BMW E28’s, we dan help you quickly and efficient with problems on the motor management (Motronic) of ABS. There is no way to use a computer doing this, so we found out by trial and error. In this case, you’re depending on knowledge, skills and experience. At our shop, you’re at the right place.