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Ivo Christov & E28’s

In the eighties, the BMW E28 5-series replaced the already very successful E12. This good-looking and well thought-out car with luxury options was only affordable for the upper class. Now a few decades later, these cars are still around in large numbers all over the world. Many car enthusiasts are fond of the stylish design. Because of its reliability is a practical car for everyday use, and with the power and handling of the higher horse powered models a great car for the speed freaks among us. One brand, one model, one passion. In Ivo Christov’s life, there is only one car: the BMW 5 Series E28.


Year after year he parted out one car after the other. No wonder he knows everything about this model. This passion resulted in a successful business. A collector, but also a connoisseur and dealer. All components and parts of the BMW 5 Series E28 are known to him. Combine this with his knowledge of electronics and he manages to create surprising solutions. The E28 has been in Ivo’s life since 1997. It was the first BMW he ever purchased and it has always kept an attraction that Ivo could not let go.


Whether it’s a 10.000km summer vacation through Europe or the Amsterdam – Dakar Challenge to South Africa, all took place in an E28. Even several times from coast to coast crossing America, from the Salt Flats near Salt-Lake-City to the deep blue sea of Key West, the E28 is inextricably stuck in the life of Ivo.


This popular BMW is already a classic and will apply to the oldtimer laws in the Netherlands soon. We expect that investing in good E28’s is a proper investment. Ivo has settled in Franeker, a real BMW town.


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In our shop you will find everything about this beautiful 5-series. We are a small company that widely specializes in classic BMW’s. A company that was born with passion caused by a hobby that ran out of control….


With a background in electronics, the E28 was even more fascinating for Ivo. The first generation BMW with a driving style related service indicator was unprecedented for the time. Also things like the active check control which keeps the driver constantly informed about important issues such as defective lighting or low fluid level. These items are not only attractive but very useful and safety improving as well!


ABS brakes or even advanced technology like an Airbag were available for the E28. The latter is certainly a lot less attractive than the gorgeous M-Technic steering wheel, but very progressive when you’re talking about 1984!


Ivo Christov is described as a craftsman with a particular specialization, he keeps classic BMW’s alive and especially the E28. For now and in the future his passion is to maintain the BMW heritage. Internationally he built a solid network. Through the Internet he is always available, but you can also reach him by phone, he is always happy to help. On eBay and the Dutch variant of Craigslist known as marktplaats he is a well-known provider and advisor.

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