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Each component of the BMW E28 is known by Ivo Christov. Our shop offers a wide selection of new and used BMW parts, which can partly be found in this online shop. Through a network of suppliers, we can supply various new parts. Used parts come from donor cars. This way you will find parts here that are not manufactured anymore.

Are the parts you need no longer available, not even as a second hand? We even go one step further and let’s just develop our new parts! Examples include covers for spoilers, print boards for instrument clusters, hub caps for wheels, manuals, stickers and dial plates for the M5.

We assemble the parts with care, but you can also pick them up or get them shipped. Due to short lines and competitive rates with local courier services, we can also send you parts that are large, heavy or difficult to wrap.

Orders can be done via the email address: [email protected]


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