BMW M-Technic Fabric Cloth M3 Edition 0345 M-TEX 51922235799


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We now have all the BMW E30 cloth interior fabrics in stock!

For example the rare Design Edition Touring fabric in all the colors of that time.

Available are 0463 Blue (Neonblau), 0492 Purple (Violett), 0491 Red (Rot) and 0464 Green (Neongruen).

Obviously we also have the side bolster fabric with BMW number 51922250973 available (interior colors 0344/0463) to do a full new upholstery job on your beloved E30 or any other BMW of course!

Besides all this we also have the ultra-beautiful and rare 0316/0344 Anthracite and 0345 Silber M-Technic upholstery in stock that only was available to the M3’s

€99,- per running meter!


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