Viscous Fan Clutch BMW E21 E23 E24 E28 E30 E32 E34 4-Bolt Blade Cooling System


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The clutch engages the belt-driven engine fan when the engine is hot, and dis-engages the fan when cooled off again to normal operating temperatures.

An old clutch will commonly fail, causing the engine fan to not spin fast enough (or at all) when your car is stopped in traffic, causing engine to overheat.

Brand: NRF

All classic BMW’s with a water pump that has the thread on it to accept the clutch!

Also double check how many bolts your fan blade has.


64531371756 (03/01/1982 02/15/1995)
64531368126 (04/01/1981)

Double check!

Some cars have a different fan blade with only 3 bolts.

The clutch will not fit that blade.

If you need a replacement blade along with the clutch please contact us.


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